This nuts is extremely nutritious and healing, the healthiest of all kinds of nuts, because it is the richest with antioxidants. It has high levels of calories, it contains unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, many vitamins and minerals.

It’s rich with E vitamin and B complex.It is a brilliant wellspring of calcium, magnesium and manganese. It contains melatonin, a hormone that influences state of mind and quality sleep.

In individuals who frequently devour walnuts, the concentration of melatonin in the blood is 3 times greater, which reinforces their protection from infection. One hand,or 30 grams of nuts, ought to be expended each day.

Some ingredients contribute to the normal functioning of the bloodstream and are an excellent prevention against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, walnuts reduce cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, protect against inflammatory processes, and reduce the chance of weight gain. They protect the body from malignant diseases and relieve stress.

Another important ingredient in the walnut is iodine, a mineral that controls crafted by the thyroid gland. The walnut is additionally utilized in aversion, yet additionally as a solution for treatment in people with thyroid gland.

A recipe for the preparation of protein shake nuts

  • two hands crushed walnuts
  • one banana
  • glass of yogurt with less milk fat
  • honey

Put all these ingredients in a blender and mix well, then when the mixture is ready to drink.

source : myhealthygram.com