In order to get the maximum benefit from the probiotics, you first have to drink them after the antibiotic for several hours, it’s best to spend at least four hours, so that their effects are not annulled.

In order to get the maximum benefit from the probiotics.

The most effective solution for digestive problems is probiotics. We fight bloating, diarrhea and gas successfully. We are our frequent travel companion and the use of them in conjunction with antibiotics is often recommended. But few know there’s a timeframe in which they’re most effective.

Since the goal is to hold them in our body for the longest time, eating them before bedtime is the best way to. The intestines are “lazier” and less active at night, and thus the active ingredients of the probiotic stay in our body for longer. We excrete a large amount of the active bacteria through the droppings in every other portion of the day without any use at all.

source : myhealthygram.com