For years, parsley tea has been used quite frequently throughout history and on the recommendation of herbalists, to facilitate and maintain a regular menstrual cycle and as a remedy to restore the uterus to its original position afterwards. of childbirth

This famous parsley tea can be used for the treatment of Urinary Infections and almost all the diseases that are associated with the kidneys.

The tea of the parsley prevents the absorption of salt, in the tissues protecting the kidney and the liver and helping them to clean it.

-This tea should therefore be drunk in case of bladder infection, and the appearance of kidney stones.
Parsley tea is used for the prevention and treatment of colon cancer in men and women , and the cervix in women.

-Parsley is rich in folic acid , and is quite essential when talking about cardiovascular health.

-Parsley is very rich in vitamins A, C, E and minerals, and with its use regulates and also helps reduce bad LDL cholesterol.

-If you think you are suffering from high blood pressure this is one of the best remedies to treat this evil you can also use parsley for its reduction.

-The parsley tea can be used to soothe the intestine , this in turn can improve digestion and elimination of gases in the body .

-Parsley is very rich in iron, and its uses are recommended in case of anemia.

One of the very simple purposes is the prevention of bad breath . By chewing only a few leaves of parsley, bad breath will be neutralized immediately.

This can be applied especially at times when you eat onions or garlic, and want to neutralize the smell.

Parsley is a remedy that can simultaneously succeed anywhere, and also parsley can grow easily and even in a pot in your home, so you can always keep it fresh in your hand.

Even in winter you can buy seeds and plant them in a deeper pot which the plant the parsley plant will grow in a few weeks in a lighted place.

We show you how to prepare parsley tea

You must put two tablespoons of fresh or dried parsley in boiling water.

The famous parsley can be left undisturbed and is also recommended for at least 5 to 10 minutes , and after letting it boil and letting it rest for a while, remove it completely.

Then add a few drops of lemon juice in the tea and a spoonful of honey to sweeten.

If you wish, you can drink the tea whenever you want, and with the aforementioned symptoms should be consumed twice a day.

The tea created from this parsley will cause an increased urination, so it is a diuretic so it is not recommended before sleeping for its best use for health.
As for women who are pregnant should not drink parsley tea, this is due to possible adverse hormonal effects.

Parsley can usually be used to reduce anxiety and calm nerves . It is very necessary to take this root and the leaves of this famous plant, so we must cut it and at the same time mix it with acacia honey.

The mixture should remain usually have to last 7 days , and then take a spoonful of this mixture overnight before bedtime.

source : awarenessremedies.com