If you have blood type O, you probably already know that you have the unique property of being universal donor: You can give blood in all groups (A, B, AB and O), but can receive blood type only from individuals belonging to the same blood type as you. This however is not your only specificity; some elements of your blood type make you a truly unique and different from the other persons.

Blood type O: almost perfect health

It is true that compared to other blood group, you are more susceptible to certain diseases such as gastric ulcers and thyroid gland disorders which often results in problems such as water retention and obesity.

However, you generally escape to pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases, memory disorders, and cancer. According to the researchers, the blood group O protects against pancreatic cancer because the immune system of this group can better detect and “destroy” cancer cells than group A or B.
Blood type O: a warrior character

However, you are a born leader. You overflow a lot of energy and when you set a goal you do not stop once it reaches. These powerful features make you an exceptional person and indispensable in the eyes of those around you.

In Japan, this blood group has long been linked with a remarkable personality. One might even ask you what blood group you belong in a job interview! You are often described as someone organized, responsible, committed, focused, conscientious and pragmatic. You are deemed to be a logical person with perfect qualities to be an exceptional leader. The popular belief is that this is because your ancestors were hunters who were to observe and evaluate their environment to survive.
Blood type O: hyperactivity and impulsivity

You are probably hyperactive and impulsive when you are under pressure and can quickly get angry in such cases. When this excessive sensitivity is combined with a way of unhealthy food and living, as well as a relatively sedentary pace than you are more prone to suffer from metabolic syndrome. This is usually manifested by insulin resistance, slower thyroid activity and an increased risk of weight gain. Also, as you have a higher rate of stomach acids than other blood types, you have a weak stomach and a tendency to easily develop ulcers.
Blood type O: how to take care of yourself?

If you are blood type O, it is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption. The latter can be particularly dangerous for you, because it increases the adrenaline levels which are already naturally high among people in your group. You should also regularly do sports at least 3 or 4 times a week. Avoid cereals and dairy products because you have trouble digesting and rather prefer animal proteins and vegetables.

source : allhealthynews.com