Thyroid problems are very common among the American population and are usually accompanied with issues like constipation, fatigue, brittle nails, weight gain, hair loss, loss of libido, dry skin, headaches, cold feet and hands, sensitivity to cold, dizziness, insomnia, joint pain and infections. Out of all the people suffering from thyroid disorders about 65% are overweight while 27% suffer from obesity. This weight problem is especially typical for women suffering from hypothyroidism and the best remedy for this condition is coconut oil. Coconut oil belongs to the polyunsaturated fats group, which means that unlike the vegetable type of oils, it doesn’t need enzymes and it prevents the T4 and T3 hormones from converting and getting processed.

Studies show that an increased intake of polyunsaturated fats like coconut oil can be highly beneficial in the treatment of thyroid problems. This was even confirmed with the cases of Sharon and Donna, two patients who suffered from the same issue.

Sharon started using coconut oil in September of 2002 and experience complete change in her life. She still gained some weight but her overall symptoms improved significantly. When she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism she started taking Synthroid and Cytomel to treat the condition but her health didn’t improve. She then decided to eliminate trans fats, add coconut oil to her diet and eliminate soy and sugars, in addition to cleansing her body of toxins occasionally.

At her doctor’s request, she stopped taking the medications and immediately noticed higher energy levels. She gained weight during the first three weeks which she later shed. Once she felt better and wanted to remove the coconut oil from her diet she immediately experienced tiredness and sluggishness.

Donna, the other patient, reported that her thyroid disorder made her feel sluggish, slowed down her metabolism and made her gain weight even though she was constantly starving and on a diet.

Introducing coconut oil to her diet changed her life as well. She was able to melt the body fat, improve her overall health, feel more energize and was able to lose up to 20 pounds.


  • Add healthy oils to your diet like coconut oil, butter and olive oil
  • Reduce your mercury and fluoride exposure
  • Work out regularly
  • Stay away from foods like salad dressing because they’re loaded with salt and processed fats
  • Eat more food rich in iodine like coldwater fish, kelp, kombu and black seaweed
  • Supplement with vitamins E, B, C and selenium and zinc.

source : organicsolutionsportal.com