Throat and tonsil pain treatment can be so easy once you get this ingredient and keep it at home; these powerful seeds will solve your problem in no time!

Most people say that surgery is the only tonsil pain treatment option, but this is not absolutely true. You can use many natural methods to treat this health problem before resorting to surgery. In this article we will give you one of the most efficient homemade remedies based on cumin seeds.

Cumin seeds have been used for thousands of years for the treatment of many diseases. This treatment at home is an excellent solution to this painful problem and you can cure your throat and tonsils in just 4 hours! You do not have to use super expensive chemical remedies since everything you need is in your kitchen.

You can try this remedy to treat sore throat or tonsillitis. Just wait for the amazing results!

Tonsil pain treatment


  • 80g black seeds or cumin
  • 250 ml filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon of cognac or whiskey

Method of preparation and consumption

Pour 200 ml of water over the cumin seeds and let them boil for 15 minutes. You should obtain a thick black mixture, something similar to wetting the coffee grounds. Strain and pour in the remaining 50 ml, and bring everything back to boil. Finally add a spoonful of liquor.

Take a spoonful of the solution every half hour and within two hours, you should feel a little relief. After 4 hours all symptoms will have completely disappeared.


This remedy is extremely powerful and would solve your immediate problem. However, if the pain is persistent, you need to consult your doctor and see what else you can do about the problem.

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source : thehealthyville.com