1. Aging too quickly

Sugar has a negative effect on the skin, including reducing collagen, elastin and skin proteins. If you eat too much sugar, it is likely that you are seeing premature aging, wrinkles and facial folds appearing in the mirror. You might also find that it causes an imbalance in your menstrual hormones. This problem is often recognized when you break out in the area of the jawline.

2. You Have Constant Cravings

Here is a newsflash that is not going to come as a surprise to many of you; sugar is addictive. We may start eating just one piece of candy and before you know it, we have downed the entire box! The addiction is not just in the fact that it tastes good, it causes a burst of dopamine in a similar way to highly addictive drugs, including heroin.

3. Lack of Energy

Our energy comes from glucose but keeping our blood sugar levels at a healthy balance is important to ensure that we have energy throughout the day. When you are dining on sugary snacks, you will find that your blood sugar levels go up and down more than an elevator. When you eat sugar, the pancreas floods your bloodstream with insulin and that leads to a burst of energy. Unfortunately, the insulin is gone quickly and your energy level crashes. As a result, your body craves more sugar and it becomes a vicious cycle.

4. Unusual and Unexpected Bloating

The yeast and gas associated with eating sugar cause a fermentation inside of your colon. When you continually eat sugar, the bad bacteria is going to build up in the area and produce gas. That is why you often experience a problem with flatulence after eating too much sugar along with that uncomfortable bloating feeling that lasts for quite some time.

5. Reduced Immune System

Your digestive tract is responsible for the majority of your immune system. It is supported by your gut bacteria and that is why it is so important to keep it at a healthy balance. Eating too much sugar on a regular basis reduces the flora and fauna in the digestive tract, reducing your immune system along with it.

6. Difficulty Sleeping

If you eat sugary food at night before bed, the burst of energy will keep you from falling asleep. In order for melatonin to be produced in the body and to get that natural sleep, serotonin must be produced. Unfortunately, it is all turned on its head when you eat sugar late in the day. Do you have a difficulty falling asleep at night? Do yourself a favor and knock off the sugar earlier in the day (if you must eat it at all).

7. You Gain Weight

The energy you need to get through the day is derived from glucose but if your body doesn’t use the glucose immediately, it is stored as fat. This may work well if you have to go without eating for several days of the time but, quite honestly, very few of us are in that type of situation. Cut down on the sugar and get trim again.

source: www.healthypins24.com