Consistent utilization of cucumber will enable you to wash down your collection of poisons, purify the stomach related tract, yet in addition accelerate your digestion.

It is additionally an intense diuretic as it helps in expelling abundance water from the body, and is in this way basic in all eating regimens and detox programs.

And people say that with this diet, cucumber helps to remove up to seven pounds in just one week.

This is a diet plan:

Breakfast: Bowl of cucumber salad and two boiled eggs.

Snack: One apple or peach, and five plums.

Lunch: Bowl of cucumber salad and a piece of toast.

Snack: Cucumber shake.

Dinner: 300 grams of any fruit. And the salad of cucumber should look like this: (400 grams of cucumber; 200 milliliters of yogurt or sour milk; Onion; A little salt).

Cucumber shake should be prepared like this: One cucumber, an apple and a handful of spinach into the blender and drink immediately.

Of course, as with any other diet, before beginning always previously consult with your doctor.

source: http://www.healthyremedyworld.com