Use one of these 5 best DIY hair mask options instead of using dangerous chemicals, and you will instantly notice how your hair improves.

Many people make the mistake of using chemicals to revitalize the scalp. However, natural products offer you all their beneficial properties for hair care, but without any harm.

Hair care is essential to have a good appearance. An excellent way to achieve healthy hair and a good appearance is to use one of the following best DIY hair mask options.

In addition to using them, you must avoid dry hair, mistreatment with dyes, exposure to high temperatures, breakage or split ends. However, if these problems appear, you can also treat them with natural conditioners that give you all their benefits.

And you usually mistreat your hair every day and, normally, you do not have the necessary time to provide the necessary care and nutrition. Therefore, the hair loses its brightness and its life due to elements such as the weather, humidity, the sun, the use of the iron and the dryer and even the food.

If you want to give life back to your hair, in this article we will show you the 5 best DIY hair mask options to get the hair to nourish and acquire more vitality. Take note!

5 best DIY hair mask options

Avocado, one of the best natural hair masks

The avocado has great properties that give vitality to the hair, since it can restore it, soften it and strengthen it. This is mainly due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, in addition to the high level of water and vegetable oil it has, which allows deep hydration.

Also, the avocado is a product that strengthens the formation of collagen. It can be used on any type of hair and helps prevent split ends.

How to prepare your natural avocado conditioner?

  • The first step will be to take a bit of mayonnaise, which you will mix with the avocado until it adopts a green color and a texture similar to guacamole.
  • You should apply this mixture on wet hair, from the root to the tips, for twenty minutes.
  • Afterwards, you will rinse and wash your hair thoroughly.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary is used to prevent hair loss, its weakening and to prevent the appearance of premature graying.

This oil can be very beneficial for dry hair and a great remedy against dandruff. Its use is mainly recommended to promote the stimulation of hair follicles, which allows the hair growth.

How to prepare it?

  • First, you will use half a cup of dried rosemary, which you will mix with another half cup of sunflower oil.
  • Next, heat the mixture until it is at a medium temperature (warm).
  • When it is hot, you will strain well and apply it to your hair, from the root to the tips.
  • Finally, you must let it act for 15 minutes, after which you rinse and wash well, removing any residue.

Natural honey-based conditioner

To moisten the hair the best product is honey, it is mainly effective on curly hair. Honey is recognized for its high level of vitamins and enzymes that protect from drying and contribute to the permanence of brightness.

What steps to follow?

  • To prepare this conditioner, you must mix half a cup of honey, half a cup of olive oil and an egg.
  • Once this is done, you will apply the product from root to ends.
  • You will let it act for 15 minutes and then rinse very well.

The egg, another of the 5 best DIY hair mask options

The benefits granted by the egg when applied to the hair are varied due to its concentrated content of proteins and essential nutrients.

This product can function as a strengthening of the follicles of the scalp, which increases the volume and brightness, improving its texture and appearance.


  • You prepare this mask or conditioner by combining an egg and a spoonful of water.
  • Apply the resulting liquid to the hair. You will let it act for 15 minutes to finally dry well and wash.

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Aloe Vera

The properties of aloe Vera can provide shine, hair growth and control of dandruff.

Its pulp has a hair strengthening effect, which can help prevent hair loss. Likewise, it is effective as a treatment for oily hair.

How to use aloe Vera?

  • In this case, you have to liquefy the aloe Vera crystal with a little water. After this, you will apply it on wet hair.
  • For a more effective effect, you should apply the balm made with this product and let it act for 30 minutes. In addition, you should use it least 4 times a week

Do not forget!

A constant cleaning of the hair is necessary, since due to the fats of the shampoo, the conditioner, the creams and the chemical oils, the fibers of the hair become saturated and hinder the reception of nutrients.

Natural products play a fundamental role in the care of the hair thanks to its active ingredients that allow the direct contribution of the properties that each of these products possesses. So, do not hesitate to use them whenever you think it’s necessary!

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