Becoming a new parent is a scary thing. You thought that you could barely look after yourself, and then boom. A tiny and vulnerable human is now in your life and it depends solely on you. You’ve gone from struggling to keep your house plant alive to suddenly having the task of keeping a newborn baby alive. It isn’t an easy journey, to say the least.

And the main question bubbling on every new mom’s lips is, “What does my baby even want?!”.

Babies are complex little things, and with no ability to communicate, we have to try and crack their little Da Vinci codes by ourselves. While you do learn to understand your baby’s mannerisms (or screams and shrieks…) with time and practice, we’ve come up with a few little signs that we think will help you to understand what your little one is trying to say.

The seemingly hard part is over. You survived the contractions and the labor (a massive well done to you, by the way), and you now have the roller coaster journey of parenthood to strap yourself into.

No more spontaneous weekends away, no more late-night cocktails. The social life that you once had has been put on hold for a little while.

source: https://www.healthypins24.com